A Special Message from Jimmy...

"If you love great olive oil, do I have a deal for you!"

Dear Member of My Podcast Family,

As one of my listeners, you’re entitled to receive—for just $1—a $39 bottle of one of the world’s finest artisanal olive oils.

But here’s what makes this oil really special: it was just pressed at the new harvest, so it’s bursting with more harvest-fresh flavor than any olive oil you’ve ever tasted.

It’s yours for just $1 to help cover shipping as your introduction to the Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club for passionate olive oil lovers. And, unlike with some other clubs, when you join this one there’s never a commitment or obligation to buy anything, now or ever.

But what exactly is fresh-pressed olive oil? And why is it so much more flavorful than store-bought olive oil?

The problem with store-bought olive oils is that they can sit on store shelves for months, even years, growing stale or even rancid. The olive, after all, is a fruit! And olive oil is similar to a fruit juice in that it’s much more flavorful when fresh-pressed.

And that’s what’s unique about oils from my friends at the Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club. They rush their oils direct to your door by jet plane and special delivery truck straight from the latest harvest. This means that you, your family, and lucky guests can enjoy top-of-the-line artisanal olive oils at their peak of harvest-fresh flavor and nutritional value.

This is great news for us low-carb lovers because pure, fresh-pressed olive oil has zero carbs. Zero carbs! I use these oils to add whole new layers of flavor to my family’s omelets, in a pesto sauce with zucchini noodles, drizzled on cheese slices, over sizzling grilled meats, on roasted vegetables, you name it.

The Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club makes it so easy to try these delicious oils with their generous $39-Bottle-for-a-Buck offer. To get your $39 bottle for just $1 and read the full story behind these astonishingly flavorful harvest-fresh oils, just click here...

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Yours for good health,